Committee 2015/16

Front row (L-R): Aziman, Peter Chia, Anushia, Boey Tuck Sai, Ron Lau, Barry Ong, Tee Yoon Poh, Kumar Kumaran
Back row (L-R): Edwin Ng, Lam Chung Leng, Teik Ow, Norman, Justin Lai, Alex Moh
Not in picture: Kok Yoon Lee 

The committee for 2015/16 was elected on 7 March 2015 as follows:

President: Ron Lau
Vice-President: Barry Ong
Secretary: Boey Tuck Sai

Asst Secretary: Anushia

Treasurer: Tee Yoon Poh

Asst Treasurer: Kumar Kumaran

Committee members:
1. Alex Moh

2. Justin Lai (resigned)
3. Edwin Ng
4. Aziman
5. Teik Ow
6. Lam Chung Leng
7. Norman
8. Peter Chia

Auditor: Kok Yoon Lee

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