Committee 2012/13

Front row (L-R): Kok Yoon Lee, Vincent Yeoh, Happy Ng, Wang Seok Mui, Stanley Hong.
Back row (L-R): Tham Sook Cheng, Lee Joon Siong, Lam Chung Leng, Fariz Baharuddin, YJ Chong, Albert Low.
Not in picture: Fairrah Ashykin. 

The committee for 2012/13 was elected on 10 March 2012 as follows:

President: Happy Ng
Vice President: Kok Yoon Lee
Secretary: Fairrah Ashykin

Asst Secretary: Wang Seok Mui

Vincent Yeoh
Asst Treasurer:
Stanley Hong

Committee members:
1. Tham Sook Cheng

2. Lee Joon Siong
3. Fariz Baharuddin
4. YJ Chong
5. Albert Low
6. Lam Chung Len

Auditor: Ong Kum Weng

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Committee 2011/12

Seated (Left to Right): Julie Lee (resigned), BN Khoo (Secretary), Ong Kum Weng (Treasurer), KL Goh (President), Raja Indra Putra @ Ripi (Vice President), Muhammad Fariz Baharuddin (resigned), Albert Low (Auditor)

Standing (Left to Right): Muhammad Danial Ajan, Shiva, Amril Izan, Rainer Ng, Ng Hsien Ming, Justin Lai, Vincent Yeoh, Lee Joon Siong, Lam Chung Leng, Eugene Liew.

Not in picture: Yong Poi Fook (Asst. Treasurer), Kok Yoon Lee, Calvin Chai Wei Kok, Stanley Hong, Ahmad Fuad Nasrudin, and Steven Tan

The committee for 2011/12 was elected on 5 March 2011 as follows:

President: KL Goh (Goh Kheng Liang)
Vice President: Ripi (Raja Indra Putra)
Secretary: BN Khoo
Asst Secretary: Julie Lee
Treasurer: Ong Kum Weng
Asst Treasurer: Muhammad Fariz Baharuddin

15 Committee members:

Event & Publicity Committee
1. Justin Lai (Group Leader)
2. Rainer Ng
3. Ng Hsien Ming
4. Vincent Yeoh Thean Kheng
5. Calvin Chai Wei Kok

Outing Committee
1. Amril Izan (Group Leader)
2. Ahmad Fuad Nasrudin
3. Stanley Hong
4. Shiva
5. Muhammad Danial Ajan

Membership Committee
1. Kok Yoon Lee (Group Leader)
2. Lee Joon Siong
3. Lam Chung Len
4. Eugene Liew
5. ST (Steven Tan)

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