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About US

Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya (PSPJ) is a club with a humble beginning born by a few photography enthusiasts in 1987, PSPJ till today still provides the same opportunities for its members to pursue,learn, practise and share the art of creating images with their cameras. Members ranging from newbies, amateurs, hobbyist and serious photographers gathers regularly at our once a month meeting at the Harmony Hall C-19-2, Dataran 3Two, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, every first Saturday of the month.

Over the years, close to 2,000 photography enthusiasts have walked in the doors to view the pictures taken during their club outings organised twice monthly and learned from the critique of the judges and members the salient points of the photos that were selected winners for each outing and reminders of the common mistakes in photography which often elude many photography amateurs.

Our members of all ages and nationality kept alive the spirit of the Club when it was founded i.e. “Enjoy Photography” among fellow photographers. With the many activities, photo sharing by guest speakers and home grown elites PSPJ membership has been growing steadilly as one of the few friendly and easy to blend in photo club that remain active and aspires to make a difference in photography in Malaysia. Senior members and Advisors are regular at meetings to share and guide learning photographers to learn and master this visual language as a special interest group. Contests and regular monthly outings are planned to keep any passionate and photo enthusiast thirst for photography knowledge and action throughout the year.

In one sense, photography is still about pointing a camera at the world and capturing the momentary image that woo and wows its audience. The differentiation is how the photographer sees, interprets and creates the image that is subject to ones perception, thoughts and emotional connection to the scene and through this the sense of appreciation and admiration of its creativity and uniqueness.

Committee 2016 / 2017

The committee for 2016/17 was elected in June 2016 as follows:

President: Justin Lai Sek Leong
Vice president: Amril Izan
Secretary: Boey Tuck Sai
Asst Secretary: Wang Seok Mui
Treasurer: Tee Yoon Poh
Asst Treasurer: Uthaya Kumaran

Committee members:
Adee Too See Fong
Kok Yoon Lee
Lai Yung Lin
Lam Chung Leng
Md Aziman Abd Aziz
Mike Lam Kim Peng
Sub-Committee members:
Anushia Mariappan
Chu Chok Seng
Edward Chen
Hooi Chee Seng
Jason Wee
Jean Yap
Jon Liang
Raymond Wong
Peter Chia

Auditors: Tan Kai Swee and Tan Kok Leong

Sharpen your photography skills and attend regular activities with us.